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Gymnastics E-Judge Helper is a state-of-the-art online tool designed to revolutionize the gymnastics judging process. It offers judges an intuitive platform to help in evaluating the gymnasts performances, record deductions, and maintain an organized record of their assessments.

Key Features

User Registration: Judges can securely create accounts with unique Email, ID and passwords.
The program is created to help judges from different gymnastics branches: MAG, WAG, and trampoline.
Judging Dashboard: Personalized dashboard for judges to select the type of gymnastics they will be evaluating.
Select Competition: Input competition ID to attribute deductions to specific events.
Apparatus Selection: Judges can choose the apparatus they are evaluating according to MAG (Floor, pommel Horse, Ring, Vault, Parallel bars and Horizontal Bar), WAG (e.g., Vaulting table, Uneven Bars , Balance Beam and Floor Exercise).
Gymnast Identification: Enter the gymnast's bib number for accurate deduction Calculating and store the inputs .
Deduction Buttons: Instantly apply deductions with a simple click (0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1 for the fall), the program will display the total deduction and list all the deduction details in text area to store it in Database.
Real-time Calculation: System calculates total deductions in real-time.
Finish and Record: Judges can finalize deductions and record them for the event.
Deduction History: Accessible history of deductions for ongoing improvement.
Privacy and Security: Deduction records are private and secure.
Search and Review: Easy access to past deductions by competition ID, Date and Apparatus.


Gymnastics E-Judge Helper streamlines the judging process, ensuring accuracy and transparency. Judges can focus on evaluations while the system takes care of recording and calculating deductions. This tool contributes to fair competitions and helps judges refine their assessments over time.

  1. The program requires an active internet connection to function properly.
  2. To ensure a positive user experience, activate the Vibration setting on your phone for better feedback while interacting with the deduction options.

Support via whatssapp

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