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Stick it (Gymnastics Movie)

Stick it (Gymnastics Movie)

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"Stick It" is a 2006 American teen comedy-drama film directed by Jessica Bendinger. It follows the story of rebellious and talented gymnast Haley Graham, played by Missy Peregrym. Haley's rebellious behavior gets her in trouble with the law, and she is forced to return to the world of competitive gymnastics.

Haley ends up training at the elite Vickerman Gymnastics Academy, run by a demanding and unconventional coach, Burt Vickerman, portrayed by Jeff Bridges. At the academy, she meets a group of talented gymnasts, including Joanne Charis, played by Vanessa Lengies, and Wei Wei Yong, portrayed by Nikki SooHoo.

Throughout the movie, Haley struggles with the strict rules and intense pressure of the gymnastics world while trying to find her own identity. She clashes with the rigid system and challenges the traditional norms of the sport. Haley's determination and individuality inspire her teammates, and together they work to challenge the judges and the system with their unique routines.

"Stick It" combines comedy, drama, and gymnastics to deliver an entertaining story about empowerment, self-expression, and breaking free from the constraints of traditional gymnastics. The film highlights impressive gymnastics routines and explores themes of friendship, self-discovery, and standing up for what you believe in.

- In the film, Haley Graham's rebellious behavior stems from her disillusionment with the competitive gymnastics' world. She had been a promising gymnast but dropped out due to personal reasons. Her return to the sport is met with resistance from her estranged father and former coach.

- At the Vickerman Gymnastics Academy, Haley forms a bond with her fellow gymnasts as they navigate the demanding training and rigorous routines. Each character brings their own unique personality and style to the team, challenging the traditional expectations of gymnastics.

- The film explores the issues of judging bias and unfairness in the gymnastics world. In one memorable scene, the gymnasts stage a protest during a competition by performing a routine that defies the norms and expectations, highlighting the need for change and individuality in the sport.

- "Stick It" also delves into the physical and mental toll that gymnastics takes on the athletes. It touches on the injuries and sacrifices they endure and the pressure to conform to a certain body image. The movie aims to shed light on the dark side of sport while emphasizing the resilience and determination of the gymnasts.

- Alongside the gymnastics storyline, the movie also explores Haley's personal growth and her journey towards self-acceptance and reconciliation with her past. Through her experiences at the academy, she learns the importance of teamwork, trust, and staying true to oneself.

- The gymnastics routines in the film are choreographed with a blend of athleticism and artistic expression. The movie showcases impressive performances, combining intricate acrobatics, flips, and dance elements to create visually captivating sequences.

- "Stick It" received mixed reviews from critics but has gained a cult following over the years, particularly among gymnastics enthusiasts and fans of sports films. It is appreciated for its empowering message, lively performances, and the way it challenges the conventions of the sport.

Overall, "Stick It" is an entertaining and inspiring film that combines the thrill of gymnastics with themes of empowerment, individuality, and pushing against the status quo. It celebrates the athleticism and dedication of gymnasts while encouraging viewers to embrace their unique qualities and stand up for what they believe in.


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