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Different between Groups and special requirement

Different between Groups and special requirement

Created in: 2023-07-08 06:19:20 | Updated in: 2023-07-08 06:34:03 || Visitors: 811

In the past article we discuss the groups in MAG, and in this article, I will write the difference between the groups and special requirements in gymnastics judgement in MAG, the groups are the different body position or movements towards the apparatus or towards body axis, but the special requirement are element must be appeared inside the routine of gymnasts to raise the level of routines in competitions

The special requirements are for the Floor Exercise and Rings, while the other apparatus do not have any special requirements. We will list here the apparatus and their specific requirements.

Floor Exercise
  • No multiple salto element
  • Gymnasts must show Double or Triple Salto inside the routine, it can be forward or backward. Pommel Horse
  • There are no special requirement in the routine but the gymnasts must use all parts of the pommel horse
  • Rings
  • One Swing to handstand element (2 s. hold) is required in the exercise and must be inside 10 counting elements and inside the 8 counting elements for Juniors.

  • The missing special requirement are evaluated but the D jury with deduction 0.3 if the gymnast did not perform the request in the routine.


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